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    The world's leading behaviour platform.


    Vivo uses game mechanics to increase student engagement.

    Students unlock badges for doing good things and level up. Students want to “do good” because progressing within Vivo's game is fun.


    Vivo offers an extensive, multi-layered rewards system.

    The more good things a student does, the greater the quantity and quality of rewards available to them. Includes exclusive offers, badges and prizes.


    Vivo's content is fun, engaging and always inspiring.

    It shows how people can and already are making the world a better place. Think charity campaigns, inspiring stories, healthy living and careers advice.

    The student interface.

    Enter a world of "Playful Discovery"

    • Me

      A student’s behaviours, badges and reward history are found here. As well as displaying the positive things a student has done, this view also encourages them to try something new.

    • You

      Students measure their progress against their friends and compete against other classes, houses or teams. They see which badges their friends have unlocked and are inspired to do the same.

    • World

      A place to read articles, watch videos and enter our competitions. It’s fun, interactive and engages students in the process of improving themselves.



    Vivo can be fully customised to fit a school's existing rewards policy and improvement plan.

    Schools decide on the behaviours they wish to drive and the rewards available to their students.


    Track behaviours and scrutinise data with visual tools and analytics.

    It’s a window into the heart of a school. Schools can evaluate student progress and make sure teacher rewarding is consistent.


    Vivo provides a range of rewards, dispatched directly to students at school.

    We keep an eye on all the latest trends so students can work towards something they truly value.


    Vivo makes donating to charity easy.

    Schools can promote their own charities alongside Vivo’s internationally renowned charity partners.


    Boost student engagement in extra-curricular activities and after-school clubs.

    Vivo also suggests local volunteering opportunities to students.

    Parent's login

    Parents can track their child’s school achievements and read teacher feedback.

    They can reinforce the good work done at school by pledging their own rewards at home.


    Download our app for free – available on both iPhone and Android.

    Rewarding made easy in the classroom and on the go.


    Vivo integrates with all major MIS, SIS, VLE and MLE providers to offer automatic rewarding.

    Log in with single sign-on and reward in 3 easy clicks.

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