Vivo for secondary schools

Supports and enhances

  • SMSC
  • Character-building
  • Student engagement
  • Student well-being
  • Careers guidance
  • Extracurricular
  • Life skills
  • Employability and enrichment

Student engagement

Inspire students to reach their potential in school, at home and in life.

We provide a platform that is personal, social, gamified, holistic, rewarding and self-reflective. Vivo fosters the motivation and inspiration necessary for deep learning, as well as the foundations for lifelong learning.

Understanding your students

Gain invaluable insights into student trends and behaviour.

Vivo maps and tracks what your students find inspiring, and learns what makes them tick. Use Vivo to connect students to added-value extracurricular opportunities tailored to their personal ambitions.

21st century skills

We have frameworks that prepare students for life after school.

Vivo helps students develop life’s essential skills. Soft skills, emotional intelligence, character-building, employability and transferable skills can all be honed with Vivo. We use frameworks set by Ofsted, DfE and many more.

Digital record of achievement

To meet the demands of the modern world, students need a way to demonstrate their achievements.

The Vivo Profile is a digital record of a student’s character, skills, inspirations and aspirations. Students can use it to showcase the excellence of their whole person: the personal statement of the future.

The Vivo Library

The Vivo Library is a connected learning ecosystem that extends beyond mainstream learning. Students can craft their own learning pathways at their own pace, based on their individual interests and learning styles.

Content is published in bite-size chunks (Vivos) or packaged within a micro-course structure as Vivo Decks. You can align the content surfaced to your students with certified frameworks (Ofsted, SMSC, Emotional Intelligence, DofE etc.).

Students can discover opportunities relevant to them, such as volunteering, sports clubs, arts events and work experience. With added focus on character-building, students can develop the personal and life skills needed to become confident, well-rounded and conscientious individuals. They can begin to prepare for life after school by acquiring essential soft skills, employability skills and 21st century skills.

Engagement & rewards

Vivo’s gamification technology (digital badges, points, leaderboards and challenges) boosts student engagement. There are a wide range of prizes available too, providing initiatives with intrinsic and extrinsic value. Challenges can be set to motivate individuals and groups, such as “Most Improved” and “Team Target”. It’s great for boosting in-school behaviours like attendance.

Vivo fosters positive attitudes to learning, instilling a sense of fun and pride in what students are achieving at school.

The Recommendation Engine

Vivo’s Recommendation Engine guides students on personal learning journeys. By mapping and tracking student activity and encouraging self-reflection, the platform learns about an individual’s interests, passions and aspirations. It then surfaces content and suggests opportunities to support this. For instance, it recommends suitable careers guidance and connects students to local businesses offering relevant work experience. Vivo complements and facilitates blended learning, flipped learning and student-led learning.

The Vivo Network

The Vivo Network amplifies and communicates all the amazing things going on at your school. Reinforce links with feeder schools and primary schools in your area. Show the community how your values and ethos are driving successes.

There are so many amazing opportunities out there for young people to explore. The Vivo Library gathers them all in one place. If it’s a local youth project, a charity, an arts club or a local business with work experience, Vivo helps students take advantage of the wealth of opportunities available.

Schools can build an online community around their core values, so that everyone is working towards the same goals and ethos. It’s fun, inclusive and a great source of inspiration for students, who can see all the amazing things going on at school. Students know that their actions have the potential to inspire other students. The Vivo Network is a safe space to collaborate and share ideas, and to promote and recognise each other’s achievements.

An excellent communication tool, the Vivo Network engages parents in their child’s development. A great way to keep informed on attendance, progress and achievement, but also to offer support, guidance and inspiration.


As students use Vivo, they build up a digital record of their skills, knowledge, character and well-being. Fully customisable with digital badges, skills, character attributes, work experience, endorsements, the Vivo profile is ready-at-hand to share with the world.


Vivo’s powerful analytics provide a wealth of data for tracking engagement and achievement. This is great for evidencing outcomes and generating reports for Ofsted and SLT.

It also gives schools the ability to follow student trends and activity. Find out what inspires your students: their interests, goals and aspirations.

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