What Inspires Us

There are various trends within education that have inspired us to build VivoClass.

Making content more meaningful

The online world is opening up unbelievable potential in terms of giving students access to educational content that’s not on the core syllabus but still useful.

However, simply presenting content online doesn’t sustain the levels of motivation required for deep learning. Drop-off rates for VLEs are extremely high: MOOCs famously have a drop off rate of 90%.

The issue isn’t with the content itself, but about knowing how young people want to consume content. It’s about thinking: what makes someone connect in a more meaningful way? It’s about understanding this so that we can encourage a natural inclination to learn new things and seek out opportunities.


Developmental psychologists study what makes young people flourish, coming up with useful models for personal development. Their findings are fashioned into frameworks to make complexities comprehensible, so that anybody can use them as a guide.

Popular frameworks like the Myers-Briggs, the Holland Code and the Gallup Strengthsfinder are used all over the globe. But there are many different theories that may be perfect for your students. Vivo’s framework engine has gathered all of these in one place.

We provide vital frameworks aimed at helping young people deal with the demands of the modern world. Frameworks such as “21st Century Skills”, “Emotional Intelligence” and “Employability” are key. We also facilitate frameworks for essential educational institutions such as Ofsted, PiXL and Sport England.

Self-reflective learning journeys

Many educators are indicating that self-reflection should be adopted universally in schools. Research has linked reflective practice to increased emotional intelligence, confidence, mental flexibility and reduced anxiety disorders.

Mindfulness is becoming more important in classrooms, not only as a way of dealing with behavioural problems but as a productive, active and dynamic part of everyday learning.

At Vivo HQ, we see self-reflection as a fundamental way of helping students carve out learning journeys that are right for them. We have assessed various strategies to instil the habit of constructing meaning between different experiences. So that students start thinking in terms of continuous learning journeys rather than independent instances of experience.

Student-led learning

Vivo’s recommendations engine makes student-led learning incredibly simple. Yet the effects are profound!

Learning through discovery and one’s own choices empowers students. The confidence to make creative choices about one’s learning pathway helps students discover interests and passions on their own terms. It helps students prepare for the future, adds to deep learning and serves as a foundation for lifelong learning.

And with teachers kept in the loop, they can gain powerful insights and understand their students better.

Character-building and soft skills

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Recently the government have taken a strong stance on the importance of character-building in education. Nicky Morgan sees it as a fundamental part of the nation’s long-term economic plan. Character, resilience and grit lead to success.

Acquiring a repertoire of soft skills is a great way to prepare for the world of work. Soft skills include interpersonal and communication skills - knowing how to get on with people. Leadership, decision-making and time management too. Employers are always on the lookout for all of these things.

The Vivo platform is dedicated to helping students build these essential skills and character traits. We have been inspired by frameworks like the 6 Pillars of Character and ELLI. We have teamed up with Skills You Need and Do It to gain from their expertise.

Embracing social networks

Now is the time for everyone to embrace social networking as a springboard for positivity. It’s easy to be dismissive of Snapchat and Instagram as distractions. But there are lessons to be learned from their success in captivating the attentions and stimulating the imaginations of a whole generation.

Online communities can provide:

  • A safe space to collaborate and share ideas
  • A voice for the unheard
  • A place to store memories and reflect upon them
  • A way to promote and recognise each other’s achievements

We are proud of the Vivo Network: a supportive social hub to compliment learning, a community of people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves: to inspire and be inspired.

A world of opportunities

The online world provides a wealth of information and resources. We don’t want to simply add to that. We want VivoClass to be at the epicentre of all learning and opportunity.

Students who partake in extracurricular activities are more likely to get ahead in life. After-school participation in sports and the arts is invaluable. Other useful skills, like coding or learning a new language, will also put young people ahead of their peers when it comes to employability.

Strong links with organisations, charities and community projects are vital. Facilitating this for schools is something we care passionately about. There are so many people out there doing amazing things to make the world a better place. We have teamed up with anyone who we think can provide added-value opportunities to students.

Life after the CV

The CV is still an important aspect of recruiting - and will continue to be for years to come. However, with online trends and social media, employers are taking on a far broader recruitment process. They are turning to a wealth of new online tools to find the perfect candidate.

This is changing what it means for young people to become “job-ready”, to search for work and to showcase their achievements and employability. For instance, in a recent survey about job searching, 44% of students believe an online format with video content and images appeals to them. 49% would like an interactive social media platform for job searching.

We believe the VivoClass profile is revolutionising the way young people approach the world of work.

Employability and non-linear career pathways

Young people today are confronted by an unpredictable economic climate and job market. In the past, it was normal for people to stay working in the same profession or industry - the same company, even - for their whole lives. The idea would seem inconceivable today.

Recruitment processes are changing to mirror this. Rather than focusing solely on an applicant’s education and work history, employers are taking a holistic view. They are interested in the whole person: character, soft skills, personality, how they might fit in with the team, and, importantly, how they might adapt to new experiences and deal with change.

It’s time to stop thinking of career pathways as linear - it’s restrictive and piles on unnecessary pressures. Students need space and freedom to grow, to make their own mistakes and live their own experiences.