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A Vivo is an experience that builds skills and character. Our online library is bursting with thousands of opportunities for students to discover something new.

Experiences on and offline

A Vivo can take the form of an inspirational or educational video, a check-in at a local sports club, a moment of self-reflection, and so much more


We provide an online experience that nurtures life skills, soft skills and character development. Not only do we help schools meet government targets, we help students become confident, well-rounded and emotionally intelligent, so they are ready to take on all of life’s challenges.

Where our content comes from

We have teamed up with high-profile partners. From well-known charities and organisations that share our values, to corporates who are keen to help young people build the skills they need. All our partners understand that young people are actively seeking opportunities to better themselves. Together we can make a difference.

Harnessing Vivos in school

Teachers can select from a broad range of content or create their own. Use Vivos to enhance, complement and enrich lessons. Also ideal for homework assignments and flipped learning. Vivos can be assigned to the whole school, classes or individuals.

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