Network & Community

A world of opportunities

We connect schools to the wider world, opening up new opportunities and boosting community cohesion. Think charities, local councils and feeder schools.

Social action

Students can donate to charity using Vivo and get involved in volunteering opportunities. They can see charities being supported by other students on the network.


An opportunity to inspire and be inspired. The network fosters a sense of community and increases engagement through peer-to-peer motivation. The Inspire Button lets students share what has inspired them.


Vivo is a vehicle for boosting extra-curricular activities and after-school clubs. Our goal is to raise awareness around the wealth of opportunities for young people.


The Vivo network harnesses the world’s positivity. Students feel like they are part of something bigger, whether at school or as part of the wider community. We want to show that people can and already are making a difference for themselves and for each other.

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