We know young people love a challenge. What we do is provide the right mix of intrinsic and extrinsic incentives, so that a challenge becomes a truly valuable experience. Schools can access a wide range of rewards to keep students motivated.

Gamification layer

User activity is mapped and tracked, funneled through our powerful gamification layer. Students can unlock digital badges, stickers and work towards building up a profile.

More than a VLE

We believe that it is what you do with content, how it’s packaged and presented to students that is key. We provide students with an online experience that is fun, immersive and, ultimately, hugely valuable.


Set challenges for the whole school, year groups or classes, including “Most Improved” and “Team Target”. Schools can add prizes or select prizes provided by partners.


Our contextual recommendation engine suggests new experiences based on student activity. As students immerse themselves in the platform, they tell us all about the things that inspire them. We suggest opportunities in line with their interests and content they will find useful. The goal is to connect them to experiences tailored to their personal aspirations.

On the go

We take learning beyond the confines of the classroom. Students can start, continue and complete Vivos anytime, anywhere.

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