Primary Tests

Primary Tests, Basic Skills and Mental Health

In 2014, published a press release stating that “new primary tests will help eradicate illiteracy and innumeracy”. Literacy and numeracy in England became a key concern after a 2012 OECD survey found that current standards were unacceptable. Based on the survey’s findings, the OECD recommended that students “with low basic skills should not normally enter three-year undergraduate programmes.” In addition to these findings, a survey of 291 companies and 1.5 million employees showed that 85% of businesses felt that there needed to be more focus on literacy and numeracy at primary schools in England.

Primary tests and tougher exams

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pastoral care

Effective Pastoral Care in Schools

Why does pastoral care matter?

Pastoral care involves teaching and providing opportunities for young people to grow in their self-esteem, confidence, and independence of thought. This facilitates the development of their personal, social and emotional intelligence.

The quality of pastoral care influences the ethos and tone of the whole school and is, therefore, extremely important when creating an atmosphere in which young people can feel secure and achieve.

Pastoral care in schools can be considered ‘effective’ when the following is evident:

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