student motivation

Student Motivation and Self-Reflective Learning

When talking about student motivation, we like to think in terms of “inspiration” rather than “motivation”.

The online world is giving students access to valuable educational content that they might otherwise miss out on. Content that’s extra-curricular but useful is now available at the click of a few buttons – all the things teachers would love to teach but don’t have the time to do so in class due to the demands of mainstream learning.

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Character Building: the Real Goal of Education?

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. The complete education gives one not only power of concentration but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate.” – Martin Luther King Jr, ‘The purpose of education’. In recent years, character building has been emphasised in education from primary school all the way up to further education and beyond. Producing students with good morals, ‘soft skills’ and ‘skills for life’ is magnified as an important aim of teaching. In practice, facilitating both character building exercises as well as the national curriculum is a difficult juggling act. One element often falls by the wayside and there is not a clear way of countering the imbalance. More often than not, character education is the forgotten element.

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